Bristol Tech Fair – Inclusion and Allies for better work and workplaces: including men in the conversation

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Bristol Tech Fair is all about fairness; Giving families an opportunity to play with Tech; Giving companies and candidates a chance to chat about jobs, skills and training opportunities.

As part of Bristol Tech Fair we are inviting you to a mini-conference in association with WISE* using a safe space to explore/share/listen/debate about good STEM and inclusion stuff going on already and opportunities to do more.

Bring your people, talent and projects and exhibitions ready to share.

Bring yourself if you’re interested.

Bring your challenges and questions too.

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We’re starting to invite sponsors …

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We will mostly be talking to our Women’s Tech Hub members this week to see who loved us enough to want to be at our careers Fair this Autumn. Anyone who couldn’t make the last one but heard just how great it was then please feel free to get in touch. The dedicated careers fair website is here Tech³Shed but mail us on if the thought of leaving this fabulous site for another one leaves you cold!

For all our current members we will be offering stands at half the original price as promised in our March event. For new wannabe members (and we know you are all secret want to bee’s) then the deal is that you get a stand at full price which includes Women’s Tech Hub membership for a year including everything on our membership page here and you get to meet loads of lovely potential future employers/colleagues!

It’s all for the great cause of getting a more diverse tech team, helping members trying to get into or return to the industry and basically being a bit nice! Get in touch we love meeting you all!