Kids and Families

With Technotopia

Who we are

Girl hugging a robot

Technotopia is an established enterprise founded by Karin Rudolph, a sociologist with experience in social and political research, events management and community projects.

It’s aim is to transform the way that technology connects with people in Bristol and beyond.

Love Tech? ….

Welcome to the kids and family’s zone at Bristol Tech Fair.  

Get ready for a day of activities, workshops, and fun for everyone.  

Immerse yourself in our Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences, learn new coding skills and have a go at designing something awesome!  

We are very excited to welcome our exhibitors: 


And many more to come! It’s not only a great day out for everyone but also an opportunity to show Bristol who you are, to engage and show off some of the great STEM activities you are all involved with. As we get more information we’ll tell you what brilliant things they will be bringing.

Whats not to love?

If you want to be one of them then please get in touch at Karin Rudolph at