Bristol Tech Fair

We would like to save a massive THANK YOU to everyone who came, sponsored and volunteered for our event. We loved the day and apologies for the delays in updating the site (we are very busy!)

We are currently working out whether to run a similar event next year, so in case anyone is wanting to do anything for next year, we are open to ideas and you can contact us on to discuss. It would need to pay for itself and be in the same vein.

We do love the name and the purpose of getting people involved, both on the Diversity front and on the STEM side of things and believe that another event would be a great option.

So let us know what you are interested in and we can look at what options are possible it’s all needed to encourage people into the industry and all sponsors are welcome.

Thanks again for all the involvement!


We are excited to welcome the Lloyds Bank Academy to the Bristol Tech Fair 2019.

Lloyds Bank Academy is a free service that gives you the skills you need for everyday life, your career or running your business.  As a part of their commitment to our local community, they will be offering a FREE “Staying Safe Online” Workshop to the families attending the event.   Join one of their sessions and learn …