Careers Fair

Hosted by the Tech³Shed

Women’s Tech Hub’s Super-Inclusive Careers Fair

The Bristol and South West tech industry is currently booming and we’re all aware that finding talent and keeping them has never been so difficult. We also know that careers change, people can learn and there’s a wealth of amazing people in the area who simply didn’t take up tech as an option. That, along with a variety of Universities, Colleges and training establishments in the area all creating talented tech graduates who we would love to stay in the region.

We know that the best way of finding a great job, or finding a great team member is far easier in a relaxed atmosphere and through getting to know them. We also know that recruitment fairs can be intimidating and that the world of tech can be slightly confusing for those on the outside. So we decided that we would put the two together and to help demystify things, introduce trainers, people in the industry and other *TBC options to help get you into tech and invite our members down to chat to the candidates and show what they have to offer.

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For our Second event, we would like you all to welcome:

We will also be publicising the jobs that companies are offering on our JobsBoard so you are prepared and plan to carry this on throughout the year for our sponsors so keep an eye on.

If you want to be at the fair then please contact us on to talk or check out the sponsorship package on our Tech³Shed careers page – 20% of all our profits will be going to technotopia to ensure we can support them in this and further events.