Welcome to Our Careers Fair Sponsors

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We’d like to say a big WELCOME and thank-you to all of our Careers Fair sponsors and Women’s Tech Hub Members. We know from experience that there is a lot going on in the city with companies wanting to improve their diversity, which is why we offer up events like our careers fair to help them engage and find the diverse candidates. We are also aware that treating this as a tick-box exercise is not working, its not an easy problem to solve as it has multi-faceted issues around it. From biases, career breaks, lack of role models, work cultures, brand reputation/perception and plenty of other blockers that are prevalent in the industry – it takes a lot to fix.

We know that the support and conversations we have with our company and individual members really works. We help engage and break down barriers and the money and support from our members helps us acheive this. We’ll be putting the jobs up on our Jobs Board and are happy to make introductions on the day thanks to our great volunteers. We don’t want anyone coming along to be ignored so whether you are looking for a job, considering a career change or simply curious about the types of jobs out there, you are all important and deserve to have your voice heard.

So take a look at the sponsors, check out the jobs and let us know who you are interested in speaking to when you come along. You could also email us in advance info@wthub.org or simply mention your interests at our reception. Similarly you are welcome to simply browse and chat to companies .. whichever you feel happiest with!

If you love data come and speak to KETL

KETL Clekt

We are super excited that KETL will be at our Careers Fair on 9th November 2019 to support us – they were also our very first sponsor in Women’s Tech Hub and a brilliant team hence the “super excited” mention! (its a bit like having your close friends around when you are running a posh dinner party with work colleagues and need a bit of a confidence boost !)

We know that KETL is completely behind our social values and aims as they have been behind us since day one, including recruiting and training up our careers transferrers/returners. They are also absolutely mad about Data and about to launch a new platform – so go speak to them about it.

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Wise mini-conference

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Allies for Frank conversations, listening and action in STEAM – School to Boardroom Conference ​(brought to you by WISE)

Committed to improving your work culture? Ready to learn from an array of industry experts? The WISE Conference will feature speakers and panels discussing ideas and practices to help tech companies encourage diversity both internally and externally. What are the issues? What are the barriers? What are the secrets to creating a successful transformation and a high-performance diverse team? Come along, listen, learn, debate and discuss. This is an outstanding opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.

Big Welcome to Scott Logic

BTF ScottLogic

We are delighted that Scott Logic will be at our Careers Fair on 9th November 2019 and are looking to recruit/support.

We know that, being part of this careers fair demonstrates that Scott Logic are dedicated to ensuring they recruit from a diverse network and we are really pleased to have them on board as a Women’s Tech Hub member.

At Scott Logic their 60+ team of Bristol-based consultants are located centrally within Bristol’s technology hub. They offer their clients a wide variety of capabilities including front end, back end and full stack development, Project Management, Testing and Data Engineering.

Scott Logic are currently looking for a broad and diverse range of candidates to fill their live vacancies. More information can be found here https://www.scottlogic.com/careers/

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