Networks and what works for STEAM Science Technology Engineering Art and Ms, from School to Boardroom?

An event for Women, Allies and including Men in the conversation, in association with WISE and STEM Accord.

What is it?

An event for Frank conversations and action to share, explore and accelerate, action and ambition for better work for everyone + better workplaces, especially in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. And we’ve included Art, because the creative and digital opportunities are colliding, and we want to make our efforts as visual, interesting and accessible as possible.

What’s happening?

  • What helps attract, retain and develop female talent, and talent from every background and underrepresented group from school to boardroom?
  • You are invited to join in the conversation/ exhibition/ activities about challenges and opportunities from school to boardroom. 
    • Bitesize talks, debates and listening opportunities from experts and people with lived experience.
    • Interactive exhibition – have your say and put your programme/action/idea/ or question on the map – alongside the main facts and challenges and solutions
  • What are our challenges and opportunities in Bristol and the South West?

UWE Research – new – to be shared on the day!:

What is the impact of women’s networks on the career identity of females in the STEM sectors, especially engineers?

Who is it for?

Everyone working in or interested in gender equality/diversity/inclusion in Bristol, Bath and the South West. You could be CEO, Senior Manager, new to work, a champion or network leader, chairs, advisory board members and Diversity and Inclusion leads.
You could be Careers Advisers, Teachers, Parents, Carers, STEM Ambassadors, Scientists, all welcome!

It’s for people who care, who share, who want to be part of a Women and Allies event where people/companies/ groups/ communities who want to be involved in bigger conversations and action to accelerate and explore inclusion. 

Why should you turn up?

We welcome everyone who cares and wants to make work better for underrepresented people, and everyone, including connecting untapped talent to companies who need skilled, clever people, with lots of different experiences and perspectives, to help their business prosper. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started and want a look, or if you’re passionate and want to share your story about why you care and what you’re doing about it. We need everyone to get involved, and want to include everyone in the conversation. Trying is fine. Turning up is a great start.

What will happen after all this hoo ha and excitement?

We have big plans to create physical and digital maps, and installations to take these Frank Conversations around the city to support collective intelligence and human action. Join us!

Who’s hosting it?

·      Helen Farmer, Inclusion and Impact Consultant for better work and workplaces, especially for gender, mental health and social inclusion

·      Dr. Vanda Papafilippou, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management, Academic Associate CIPD, University of the West of England·    Sarah Behenna  WISE Women in Science and Engineering Campaign – Gender balance in science, technology and engineering